A message from our Co-Founder

Vicki Cantrell

Co-Founder of VIP Awards

I believe in retail, and have always worked to advance our success and drive the art of the possible. Retail has been my entire career. I've been lucky enough to work for top retailers and brands, to have represented the industry as a spokesperson, and to work for long-time retail solutions providers.

Throughout my career, I made selections and decisions based on who I thought would be a good partner. But true partnership does not come without empathy, the art of perspective, and seeing the problem from the lens of another. That is the crux of what we are doing here today.

The partnership between retailers and the support ecosystem can be collaborative and co-celebrating, allowing all boats to rise in service to the customer. Retailers need the community that support them. You are important companions that deserve recognition, for guiding, providing, innovating and investing.

Let’s celebrate! 

About The Awards

The Vendors in Partnership (VIP) Awards celebrate YOU, the drivers of the retail ecosystem. We acknowledge your service to this industry, and will recognize and celebrate a willingness to transform from within, create deep and perceptive partnerships, and great solutions.

Establishing these awards for the solution provider community also gives retailers a formal way to support, influence and recognize those partners who integrate business methodologies based on shared success measures and a service level derived from the retailer's needs.

The consumer is changing the conversation for the retailers and the retailers are changing the conversation for all of you. They expect more of you, and only the best of you will disrupt yourselves and alter process from within.

New expectations are changing the way we speak to our colleagues and our customers. The status quo is being challenged and business as usual will not sustain you. You may be innovating, developing, growing, and educating, but if you are protecting your revenue models, pipeline and quarterly metrics at the expense of your customer's needs, your long-term success is not guaranteed.

Let’s recognize the brave, the innovators, the teachers, the supporters and the agitators…