Information & FAQ


Enter the Awards in 5 Easy Steps

1) Choose your category (please contact us if you need further explanation on any category).

2) Complete your submission: For all awards with the exception of Partner of the Year, complete your submission in no more than 500 words, describing why your solution, service, insight, methodology or event deserves the award. Please add your company logo, files and images to support your nomination.
- Please see requirements for the Partner of the Year Award under criteria

3) Share your nomination through your social channels and client base.

4) Buy tickets for your team and customers.

5) Come along to the networking and awards ceremony for a fun and exciting evening on January 10, 2020

How the Awards Work

Entry is open to any company providing solutions and services to the retail industry. This includes SW/HW providers, analysts, consulting firms, agencies, media etc. The awards team and the Panel of Judges will verify that all nominations are in the correct categories. 

Once nominations open, service providers can submit their application, providing the collateral needed. Retailers can nominate a vendor they work with by filling out the form on the Nominate page. We will contact the vendor to have them complete their submission.

Once voting opens, our team and yours will encourage everyone to vote. We encourage our nominees to go out to their network, customers and social media channels to promote voting. 

Once voting closes, the independent Panel of Judges will assess the votes and all the materials submitted. Each award will have both a winner and 2 finalists. All winners and finalists will be honored with an announcement and award during the Awards Gala evening. We encourage our nominees to bring their team and key clients to enjoy a night of celebration and networking.

Important Dates

Entries Open – August 5, 2019
Entries Close – November 8, 2019
Voting Begins – November 10, 2019
Voting Ends – December 10, 2019
Winners & Finalists – January 10, 2020

Criteria & Rules

Voting can be done by all supporters of a vendor’s service or product, but each person can only vote once per award. You may edit your entry after submitting, up until the entry deadline. You may enter more than one category/award. The nominated business must be present to win and commit to sending at least one person to the awards ceremony on Friday, January 10th in New York. Tickets can be purchased through this site closer to the event.

    Partner of the Year: Customers want to do business with good companies. The satisfaction of your customer above all else can sometimes create difficult decisions, but you know the right thing to do. Applicants/submissions must demonstrate multi-faceted excellence including being a good citizen, philanthropy, good partner, customer first behavior, great employee culture, with the results.
    Requirements of submissions:

    • No more than 500 word description highlighting the aspects of your company that fit the requirements, also describing the impact on your business overall and to the client’s service
    • Provide up to 3 employee testimonials (with contact information) describing one of more aspects of the impact of the company
    • Provide 3 customer testimonials (with contact information) highlighting the results in the relationship and how you have enabled delivering on your promise


    For most categories, we have kept the submission process as simple as possible. Rather than a lengthy submission, you have a maximum of 500 words to let voters know what you want them to understand about your business. Your description should include how you are an effective partner and good examples of your relationships with your customers. Please note additional requirements for the premier award Partner of the Year. Please make sure all personal details are entered correctly as this information will be used in the awards presentation if you are selected.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is the next VIP Awards?

    The next award ceremony will be held on January 15th 2021 in New York.

    Is there a cost to nominate?

    Yes, there is a fee of $500USD per nomination, this includes one ticket to the award ceremony.

    How will retailers place their votes?

    Retailers will register using a valid business mail address, and simply click on the entry they want to vote for in each category.

    How many from each retailer can vote?

    There is no limit to how many employees per retail business can vote. You can vote for multiple awards but only vote once for an award.

    What should the 500 words include on entry?

    This is where you tell the judges and the public why you qualify to win this award. You should highlight the product or service you are most proud of, highlight the changes you have made within the company that sets you apart - this is where you sell yourself and your team. You don't have to write 500 words, short sharp and to the point is what matters, but sell it.

    What are the "other materials" on entry?

    You can upload additional information to help support your nomination. This can be a customer testimonial, a highlight reel, a case study, anything that supports your entry.

    Can nominees vote for themselves? or can other partners vote for a nominee?

    Nominees and partners can vote, but there will be a limit of five votes per non-retailer company. Voters must vote with an email address belonging to a business. In other words, no personal email addresses such as gmail, outlook, hotmail etc. will be accepted. 

    How will the votes be verified?

    A voter must vote with an email address belonging to a business. In other words, no personal email addresses such as gmail, outlook, hotmail etc. will be accepted.

    Do the retailers need to put forward a statement as to why they have voted?

    No, we do not require a statement or testimonial, just a click to vote.

    How will the retailers and nominees find out about voting?

    Once the voting stage begins, we will utilize social media channels and industry influencers to spread the word about voting. However, it is up to each nominee to encourage their customers to vote for them. We will provide you with graphical assets that you can use on your emails and social media to promote your entry.

    Who will oversee the voting process?

    The voting process will be overseen by our independent Panel of Judges.

    Is there just a winner or other finalists per category too?

    There will be one winner, and 2 finalists presented with awards at the award evening.

    Will the finalists be notified?

    Notifications will be sent once voting closes and the votes have been tallied.